L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss First Four

L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss First Four

Good Afternoon,

I have four L.A.Girl Matte Flat Lip Pigments for you today and I am excited to finally be able to share these with you. These have been everywhere and I have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on some. New Zealand stores finally got them in and they practically flew off the shelves. I was able to get my hands on four of my must haves, Timeless, Secret, Dreamy and Stunner.LAG Four Tubes

From Left to Right: Dreamy, Timeless, Stunner and SecretFrom Left to Right: Dreamy, Timeless, Stunner and SecretDreamy – This was the one colour I just had to get. With my recent success in finding perfect nudes I am feeling far more adventerous. I love Dreamy, it is just so perfect.DreamyTimeless – this is so bright, brighter than I thought it would be and I think it looks awesome. Really looks good with my pink hair, but I reckon it could suit any skin and hair combo.TimelessStunner – This is such an awesome purple, but such a hard one to get on smoothly.

Stunner – I love how bright this! I have gotten so many compliments on it.Secret – Gah! It took me forever to get a good lip swatch of this one, but even then it is not spot on. This one also gave me a little application trouble, but from a distance it looks amazing.Secret – Such a a nice red!

I love matte lipstick and I love lipsticks that dry matte. I still treasure my Lime Crime Velvetines, but it is nice to get your hands on such a wide variety of colours for such a low price. The retail for about $9.00 NZD, which is pretty epic.

Application can be a little tricky with these, as you have to get your lines bang on, because once it dries you have a hell of a time correcting them. The applicator brush is bigger than normal, which I find helps, but really practice makes perfect and even then my lines are not always bang on. To make sure I get even coverage, I apply the product to one side of my bottom lip, put it back in the tube, apply to the other half of my bottom lip and then repeat for top lip.

These literally stayed on all day and only came off when I took them off with Micellar water. After eating I had to touch up a little bit in the middle, but that was relatively easy and you could not see it, it was more for my own satisfaction. I had no staining with these and my lips did not get dry or flaky afterwards. I need all the colours!


  • Hard to correct if you mess up your lip line.


  • Lasts all day with little to no touch up
  • Amazing Colour Range
  • Inexpensive

Spotted at:
Beauty Joint (international) $3.99USD website and ebay
Makupe Clearance Company (NZ) $9.00 NZD online
Love My Makeup (NZ) $9.99 in store
L.A. Girl(US only) $5.00 USD online

Next I would love to try Frisky, Black Currant, Tulle and Fantasy.

What colours would you like to try? What colours would you recommend?

❤ MaSucree

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