VO5 Fresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo

VO5 Fresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo

Good Morning,

I have one of my must have hair products for you today, VO5 Refresh Me Quick dry shampoo.I can not live without dry shampoo and I am always up for suggestions, so when a work colleague recommended this to me I knew I had to give it it a go.Little did I know how much I would come to love it.VO5 Dry ShampooNow before we get anywhere, if you have never used dry shampoo before and you are looking at getting in to it, especially if you are looking at not washing your hair as often,  patience and up dos will be your best friend. At first you will think that it is not working and that you hair is a mass of oil, but give it time and you will see how awesome it is. You will also come to need less and less dry shampoo. Then one day you will not be able to stand washing your hair every day and wonder how you lived with out dry shampoo.

So why use dry shampoo? It could be that you would like some more time in the morning, or you want to save your dyed hair from fading or you just want to stop washing your hair so damn much.

How do you use it? I use it in the morning usually on the second or third day after I have washed my hair. I spray it at the roots, focusing on my parting, the sides and the back of my head. I go about putting my make up on for the day and then brush it through and carry on styling my hair. On the first day of dry shampoo I can usually have my hair down, the next day I usually have it up. I have also tried a tip I read somewhere (I can’t remember now), where you put your dry shampoo in the night before and go to sleep with it in. It worked ok for the third day, but I prefer having the full effect in the morning.

How good is VO5’s dry shampoo? It is my favourite so far. I have bright pink hair, so the bane of my existence is dry shampoo washing the pink out. I have no problems with this at all! I also have a problem with oily, limp hair and this helps me abstain from washing my hair as much and adds a bit of life back in my hair.

Would I buy it again? Always and forever.

Where can you get yourself a can? Any good chemist for about $8.99 NZD Now go!

How often do you wash your hair? Would you be willing to wash it once or twice a week?

Thanks for reading.

❤ MaSucree

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