Essence Long-lasting Lipstick Nude in Cool Nude

Essence Long-lasting Lipstick Nude in Cool Nude

Good Afternoon,

I have lipstick for you today! One of the ones I purchased last weekend, I have already fallen in love with it and surprise of all surprises it is a nude lipstick 😮 Essence has finally come to New Zealand and is also finally readily available out in my suburb.

The lipstick I picked out is from the Nude Collection and is from a series of Long Lasting lipsticks. Today’s lipstick is Cool Nude, lets have a look.

Essence Cool Nude Tube*flaps* again more tubes that match the colour of the lipstick :3 I love itLook at it! It is so perfect :3I do not usually go for nude lipsticks, but I love Cool Nude. Everything about it. The way it sits on my lips,  how long it lasts, the way it looks, literally everything. Don’t get me wrong my love of nudes has not exploded overnight,  I now only have four. When it comes to nudes I have very specific tastes, but this does it for me. I am very tempted to grab another shade from this collection as it also looks right up my alley.

Spotted At:
Farmers (NZ) $5.20 NZD in store
Kosmetik 4 Less (International) $2.25 EURO online
Price Wise (NZ) $5.20NZD in store or online

Have you grabbed anything from the I love Nude collection? What Nude lipsticks do you love?

Thanks for stopping by.

❤ MaSucree

7 thoughts on “Essence Long-lasting Lipstick Nude in Cool Nude

  1. It’s really nice!! I’ve bought some days ago the dark red one, which is long lasting too. I’ve to do a review about, because I really like it!

    1. Excellent! When ever I get an awesome lipstick I suddenly have to get all of them from that brand. What colour did you get? I look forward to your review :3

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