Plantae Rose Hip Fruit + Seed Serum

Plantae Rose Hip Fruit + Seed Serum

​​Good Morning,

I have another facial oil for you today. This post is done in memoriam of my bottle of Plantae Facial Oil. I had just started to write my final review for it when I cam home to find it spilt all over the floor by my beloved cat, Beorn. I was a bit upset over its loss as there was a good two thirds left and it has been one of my favourite products from Plantae​ yet.

So, on to the review 🙂

Plantae Serum

I have always loved how Plantae present their products, with such gentle colours and clean design. It comes as very luxurious, but not ostentatious.

As I have explained in other posts, my skin is quite sensitive, it can be both dry and oily all at the same time. This usually leads to me barely cleansing or scrubbing my skin and not really using facial oils. I have had three different facial oils sent to me so far this year so I have had to change my skin care routine to accommodate them. It has been nice to have three different oils to choose from to see what would best suit my skin.

The Plantae Facial Oil is very good. I like everything about it. I like the way it smooths on to my skin effortless and is absorbed within minutes, leaving my skin to feel plumb and soft. This meant I was also able to use it in the morning and underneath my makeup with out a problem. After a few weeks of using it I found that my skin was these irritable and had an all round better look and feel to it.

I would purchase again, the price of $44.90 NZD does not put me off at all (just makes me cry for my lost bottle, damn cat) and is quite reasonable compared to the other facials oils I have seen on the market.

Where to Buy:
Local chemist and health food stores
Plantae Online Store

Have you tried anything from Plantae? Do you use a facial oil and what brand?

❤ MaSucree

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