NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake and SugarCookie

NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake and SugarCookie

Good Morning,

Today I have two of the NYZ Butter Glosses in Cupcake and Sugar Cookie. I have been waiting forever to give these a try. I purchased mine from BeautyJoint if anyone is interested, there are a heap of colours to pick from.

So lets take a look!

NYX BG CSC TubesI love how the tubes are the same block colour all the way through and match the colour of the gloss.Cupcake:
I find that this one looks nice on me, but does not really compliment my blue hair well at the moment. I think when my hair is purple of brown it would look better. I do really like this shade of pink though 🙂Sugar Cookie:
I really like this colour, it looks good with my blue hair and suits my skin tone really well. I need more things in this shade!

I don’t know why, but I expected more colour from these. I know they are a gloss, but due to the vibrant colour of the tubes I expected them to look like that. I still like them and since I do not own many glosses they are a welcome addition to my collection. They are really good for an easy, not much make up look, but still with some nice colours.

I find like most glosses they come off against things like water bottles, cups quite easily, but if I stay away from those it all sticks in the right place for ages. They are also not too sticky, which makes them amazing! No one likes that sticky feeling you sometimes get with glosses. It also meant less time fighting to get my hair out of my glossy lips XD

Strangely enough I really like the smell, its a sweet berry smell!

Would I buy more? I would like to give some of the other colours ago, though I am interested in the new NYX intense butter glosses that I have been seeing everywhere. They look to be more opaque than the standard butter glosses.

What do you think? Do you own any? Any suggestions for my next Butter Gloss shade?

Have a good day!

❤ MaSucree

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