L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints Daring, Blushing and Bombshell

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints Daring, Blushing and Bombshell

Good Morning,

I am back today with more L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints. My latest colours arrived in, blushing, bombshell and daring. You can check out Coy and Pin Up from earlier posts.

I have a awesome collection of these now 🙂

LA Girl bbd tubesTop: Daring, Middle: Blushing and Bottom: Bombshell

Daring, is a lovely darkish pink/purple. I expected it to be darker, but it wasn’t too vampy for day or night.

Blushing, would have to be my favourite, because it is the easiest to wear with any type of makeup. It reminds me a bit of Mystical.

Bombshell, is a beautiful bright pink and looks lovely on. The shine really adds to just how bright it is.

I finally feel as though I mastered the art of applying these. At first I tried using the inbuilt applicator and it was not easy to apply and layered in too thick. I then brought out the lip brush and application became a breeze. I was about to get a nice even layer that was applied with a lot more control. With how they go on now I am more inclined to wear them.

I had a bit of trouble with bleeding, a clear lip liner helped a lot, but usually when it started to get too noticeable it was lunch time and it came off with my lunch anyway. I don’t mind reapply as it stick around throughout most of the morning.

I look forward to getting more of these 🙂

Spotted at:
Beauty Joint (international) $3.29USD website and ebay
Life Pharmacy (NZ) $8.99 NZD in store
Makupe Clearance Company (NZ) $8.99 NZD online
Love My Makeup (NZ) $8.99 in store
NZ L.A.Girl (NZ) $11.99 NZD online
L.A. Girl(US only) $4.00 USD online

Do you have any?

❤ MaSucree

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