Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate

Good Morning,

How has your week been? Mine was busy and over far too quickly. I got a good amount of swatching and Supernatural watching done 😀

Today I have for you Makeup Revolutions, I heart Chocolate. I thought with the announcement of the most recent addition to the uber cute chocolate palette range from Makeup Revolution I better finally get my review posted.Who can pass up a palette that looks like a chocolate bar?1. Your Need Love – the bigger, matte, highlighter type shade in the palette. I use this one a bit in the corner of my eyes.

2.Thank Friday – This reminds me of caramel milk chocolate and is a nice matte that looks good with my skin tone.

3. Smooth Criminal – Is more of a shimmer, caramel filling type of shade and paired with Thank Friday look really nice. I use Smooth Criminal alot.

4.More! – is another colour I use quite a bit. I use it all over for a block colour eye shadow look or as the inner eye, highlighter shade for my eye makeup.

5.Chocolate Love – I have a big soft spot shimmers in general, so it is no suprise I use them ones in this palette a lot.

These five colours look really good together in various combinations, I like how the palette is almost laid out so that shades that compliment one another are close together.

Thought you wouldn’t mind looking at the colours with out all the writing on top 😉

6.Piece Me Together – this was the colour that made me buy this palette and in no way am I disappointed. It is beautiful!

7.Pleasure Girl – was a shade I had largely ignored, because I don’t tend to gravitate towards matte shadows, but this shadow is can really amp up an all matte shadow look (which I have been trialing more of lately)

8.Your Need More – is one of my favorites, I have to stop myself from using it every time I open the palette up. It just works for my skin tone the best and I love the shimmer.

9.One More Piece – I like the colour of this one, I just wish it wasn’t matte as I don’t always wear matte shadows. I do like the colour though, so I need to learn some eye shadow looks with matte shadows 🙂

10. Meet Chocolate – This would be the only shadow that I have not used more than once. It is just not a colour I am drawn to, I would use it if I had more time to get a look to with it, but for now it still looks almost brand new.

11.What A Way To Go – this one reminds me of jam or berry filling. Yum! It is a little harder to find a way to wear this one, so I tend to blend it with a purple or brown to liven it up…maybe I should do that we some of my mattes….hmmm lightbulb!

12.Love Torn – another purpley berry tone shadow, but this one has gold glitter through it. It is a great accent colour!

13. Unforgivable – In the palette this one looked washed out and well…kind boring. On it is fab and I love it!

14.Endorphins Ready! – Out of the two, bigger, highlighter shadows I prefer this one, it suits my skin tone more and is a little more more interesting.

15.Stolen Chocolate – Nothing special, but still a nice crease shadow to add to your chocolate look.

16.Love Divine – I like this one because it is not your typical brown,nude eye shadow. It is a bit more interesting and livens up a nude eye shadow look.

All of these colours I love, just all of them, whether it is all over by themselves or as a pretty accent colour in the corner. 

I like how with any of the colours in this palette you could pair them with just about any of the other colours to get an awesome look. This is the type of palette you could travel with and have all the colours you could need.

The selection of finishes is quite evenly done, there is a good mix of shimmers, glitter, frost and matte. Most of the colours compliment one another, but nothing is too similar to make the palette boring or like anything else in my collection. Out of all sixteen colours I would say I use thirteen all the time, three with certain looks and one not at all. The one I don’t use at all is not because it is ugly or bad quality, but isn’t what I normally wear and or desn’t suit my preferred style.  I think that it quite a good hit rate for a palette bought because it looks like chocolate XD

All of the colours have amazing colour pay off, which is just amplified by the use of a primer. They apply very easy, with minimal fading as the day goes by. I am very pleased with how well the I love Chocolate palette did, a large part of my want for it really was because it was shaped like a chocolate bar. When I purchased it there were minimal swatches and reviews out so I really lived in hope that it would be a good buy and it was. It has made me intrigued about the other chocolate bar palettes from Makeup Revolution (especially the latest one) as well as the other eye shadows that Makeup Revolution stock.

Do you have any palettes from Makeup Revolution?

Enjoy the rest of your week!

❤ MaSucree

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