Lime Crime Pink Velvet

Lime Crime Pink Velvet

Good Morning!

Today I have for you Lime Crime‘s Pink Velvet. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get all my Velvetine swatches up… thought hopefully I will be adding to my collection soon with Cashmere and Pansy. Just take all my money ok?!!

So on to Pink Velvet!Lime Crime Pink Velvet TubePink Velvet looks a little boring in its tube, but wait to you see it on.
Lime Crime Pink Velvet Lip Swatch 2Lime Crime Pink Velvet Lip Swatch

I really like how bright it is, but not in an over the top way. I enjoy wearing it and it goes really well with my blue/purple hair. It lasts for most of the day, only coming off when I eat warm food. I don’t get any bleeding, feathering or drying from this colour. I really could do with a back up XD

Have you got any of the Lime Crime Velvetines?

Have a good week!

❤ MaSucree

Other Lime Crime Velvetine Swatches:
Red Velvet

One thought on “Lime Crime Pink Velvet

  1. Yes and I adore my Velvetines! I only have Wicked, Utopia, Pansy and Cashmere but I really want to try the Pink and Red Velvets too 🙂 Pink Velvet is such a gorgeous pink!

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