MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder

MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder

Good Morning,

I saved one of my biggest lemmings for the first review of 2015. MAC’s Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter me from the Archie’s Girls Collection.

I am a huge MAC fan, but the collection that started it for me was the Archie’s Girls Collection, which came out in 2013. It of course quickly sold out because it was awesome and in super cute, limited edition packaging. I managed to score Ronnie Red lipstick and the limited edition packaging of Black Swan. I also was lucky enough to find the last tube of Strawberry Malt lip glass in Auckland.

The cute pearl matte face powders with hearts in the powder were something I desperately wanted, but could not find for the life of me. It was only in the last few months I found them in a MAC facebook group I am in for sale. I bought Flatter Me first, because it was my favourite and I now have Veronica’s Blush on the way soon.

So lets see just how amazing it is.

MAC Flatter Me BoxI forgot how cute the packaging was!MAC Flatter Me CompactI have to make sure I keep the compact out of my hand bag though, as white compacts show marks easily. What with it being my precious and all.MAC Flatter Me Close Up*happy sigh*MAC Flatter Me SwatchesLeft: The love hearts
Middle: The powder
Right: Both combined

I’m sorry I can’t get you a better photos, it was beyond hard to get a good photo of. I am wearing it in yesterday‘s make up of the day post, if you would like to go look.

With all long term lemmings of this magnitude there is always the fear that it wont be all you every dreamed of and more. However, Flatter Me is lovely. It suits my skin tone just like I knew it would.

You can use the two different colours separate or together. You can also focus on more love heart than the other powder to use it as more of a blush. I tend to use it as a highlighter with blush over top.

I am trying so hard to not use it every single day out of fear of it running out, I also do not take it anywhere for fear of breaking it XD I bought this Brand New in the box, but I think I will get a swatched lightly one as back up. Now, its on to finding the blushes from this collection. Do you have any collections you’re trying to complete?

So enough of my obssessed ramblings, have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

2 thoughts on “MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder

  1. So cute on the inside AND outside! I wish I was into makeup when this came out… Sigh. I remember stealing my sister’s Archie comics to read when I was younger hahaha

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