MAC Lipstick in Mystical

MAC Lipstick in Mystical

Good Morning!

I thought I would end the year with my favourite lipstick from 2014, MAC’s Mystical from the Alluring Aquatic collection, which is sadly limited edition. I have reviewed Goddess of the Sea, Lorelei and Silver Sun already. If you are after limited edition MAC be sure to check out ebay, trademe and Facebook groups. Do keep your eye out for fakes though.

Alluring Aquatic LipstickThe Metallic teal packaging gets me every time. I am on a quest to get more of this collection. If MAC’s new collections don’t bankrupt me first XD

MAC Mystical Lip2 Mystical was a lipstick I missed out in store and so hunted it down in a buy/sell/swap group on Facebook. The awesome metallic teal packaging made me just a little irrational in my need for it. I was a little unsure if the colour was going to work on me, but I just needed it. I am so glad I took a chance on it, because I love it so much. I now proudly own two nudes lipsticks XD

MAC Mystical Lip

I went through all the effort to get it and now I need a backup for at least a dupe, because this is my perfect your lips but better colour. It looks good with everything I own and helps me out on the days when I just can’t be bothered.

Just like most MAC lipsticks, it wears well, goes on easily and looks stunning. I am one happy camper :3

If you have Mystical hiding away in your collection pull it out and show it some love or don’t and just send it to me 😉

Happy New Year!

❤ MaSucee

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