Lime Crime Red Velvet

Lime Crime Red Velvet

Good Morning!

I have a Christmas present to share with you today. Mr Gabby bought me a new tube of Lime Crime‘s Red Velvet as part of my Christmas present. Isn’t he the sweetest?? I realised that I had never shared my swatches of Red Velvet with you all. While I was swatching I realised that there was some small differences between my old/original Red Velvet and my new one, so I thought I would swatch both to show you.Lime Crime Red VelvetIn the tubes they look slightly different if you are looking for it.Lime Crime Original SwatchLime Crime Red Velvet Swatches2Original/Old: This one is a little darker and the coverage it a little more opaque and creamy.
Lime Crime Red Velvet NewSwatchLime Crime Red Velvet NewSwatch2New: This one is brighter and the consistency is slightly more runny. I find it does not cling to all the lines in my lips as much as the old ones does, which I do prefer.

I’m not sure if the differences are just because Lime Crime changed their recipe or because my old Red Velvet is over two years old. Either way I love both of them, but the new one is definitely my fave.

Quote from Mr Gabby: “perhaps it is the loves in it” 😉

❤ MaSucree

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