NV Colour Eyeshadow in Aubergine and Olive

NV Colour Eyeshadow in Aubergine and Olive

Good Morning?

Did you catch any bargains in the boxing day sale? I think my debit card privileges have been revoked XD Lucky I have that memorised;) I have several parcels from ebay, iherb and beauty bay on their way. I am so excited, I am already waiting at the door for them.

Today I have for you eye shadows from a new brand I discovered when I was out Christmas shopping…for other people…not just myself. NV Colour had a stand at my local Life Pharmacy with a selection of nail polishes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lipstick pencils, eye liners and eye shadow pencils. The max price was about $15 NZD. I found their website, it looks as though they are a UK brand and you can purchase from their website.

So lets check out Aubergine and Olive from the eye shadow range.

NV Eyeshadow Box

The boxes were kinds cute, I like products that come in boxes…yes I still keep all my product boxes XDNV Eyeshadow PairThe actual packaging is nothing super special, just standard black.NV Eyeshadow insideUnderneath though their is a compartment that has a mirror and applicator. I do not use the applicator as I prefer a brush to apply my eye shadow. I did find the packaging felt a little cheap, but really I am in it for the product.NV Eyeshadow Olive close upOlive: I am such a sucker for a lovely green eye shadow. This one looks a little boring in the pan, but on its fantastic.NV Eyeshadow Olive SwatchTop: without eye shadow primer
Bottom: With eye shadow primer

I didn’t expect such varying results with and without eye shadow primer. I like both results and will wear them either way. I found that there was a little bit of fall out, which was easily fixed. The shadow lasted well enough without primer and with primer it has a little bit more longevity. The texture of the shadow was nothing special.NV Eyeshadow AubergineAubergine: It looked a little washed out in the pan, but looks nice on.NV Aubergine SwatchTop: With eye shadow primer
Bottom: Without eye shadow primer

Again with the awesome colour variation between with out and with primer. Much like Oliver, the quality was nothing but amazing, but I liked the colour.

I have discovered (??) that when ever I try out a new brand I always pick up a purple and a green eye shadow. I must know what colours work for me.

Over all I am not too fussed with my eye shadows, the packaging felt a little cheap and I worried about the pan coming lose. There also does not appear to be a lot in the pan, but for what you pay you get some awesome colours that wear well and look good. I will keep my eye on this brand to see what else they have.

Have you tried anything from NV Colour?

Happy Holidays!

❤ MaSucree

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