MAC Heirloom Keepsakes Red Lip Bag

MAC Heirloom Keepsakes Red Lip Bag

Good Morning Lovely People!!

Tomorrow is Christmas and I have something awesome to share with you.  Mac Ruby Woo is my ultimate fave red lipstick, perhaps my favourite lipstick of all time. When I found out that part of MAC’s holiday collection was releasing a keepsake bag with limited Edition packaging of Ruby Woo and a lipliner and lip glass to match I knew I needed to get myself one.

MAC Ruby Woo Close Up

I am really happy with this keepsake bag, such a bargain and cute packaging.Mac Ruby Swatches allTop to bottom: Lipstick, lipglass and lip liner (sorry for the bad photo, I could only get a good shot on my phone).MAC Ruby Woo lipliner lipRuby Woo Lip LinerMAC Ruby Woo lipliner vs

There are several MAC red lip liners I have purchased to go with Ruby Woo. Cherry and Kiss me Kick, but of course Ruby Woo matches perfectly.MAC Ruby Woo lipRuby Woo lipstick over ruby woo lip liner.

MAC Ruby Woo LipglassRuby Woo lip glass all by itself. I am not a fan of lipglass, but I liked this one. It does have a bad tendency to bleed which I need to find a remedy for. I will try it with my clear liner, that may fix it.

MAC Ruby Woo all layeredLip liner, lipstick and lipglass, all layered together.

The Red lip/Ruby Woo keepsake is the only lipstick one that is still in stock online. I purchased mine online for $39.50 USD and I belive it was for sale in stores in NZ for roughly $100 NZD. When you think about the price of a lipstick, liner and lip glass all together it is a huge savings, whether online or in stores. Don’t fret though Ruby Woo is permanent, which I am glad of because I need at least two back up tubes. XD

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

❤ MaSucree

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