MAC Lipstick in Strange Journey

MAC Lipstick in Strange Journey

Good Morning!

Its Friday here in New Zealand and I am excited to get my weekend started. Today I have a another new MAC lipstick for you, but this one was given to me by the ever kind and wonderful friend of my Lani from Lani Loves. Lani sent me MAC’s Strange Journey from the Rocky Horror collection.  Make sure you check out her swatches for the full set of lipsticks from the Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection, found here.

Its always good when a friend picks a lipstick for you, because you get a shade that you would not have normally picked for yourself. When you put it on it looks amazing an then you know that they love you ❤

So lets see how well Lani did.


I forgot to get you a picture but inside the box there are black and white puctures from the movie :3


Strange Journey is an orange red matte.

It is a lovely creamy matte that glides on and sits perfectly on your lips. A little comes off as you eat and drink, but it hung around all day with minimal touch ups.

At first I was not sure if this would suit me or I would have to work hard for it to go with my makeup, but I think it suits me and is a much loved addition to my collection. I would describe it as a winter bright. Sometimes my descriptions even stump me XD definitely something strange 😉

Have an awesome Friday!

❤ MaSucree

P.S. Franken N Furter just arrived so keep your eyes peeled.

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