Lime Crime Wicked

Lime Crime Wicked

Hello Lovelies!

How is your weekend going? What a busy week it has been, but I finally have something for you today. Lime Crime‘s Wicked, from the set of slightly more goth Velvetines. I’ve had my eye on Wicked the dark red for a while and I was lucky enough to score it for my birthday. Lime Crime Wicked BoxI love Velvetines and the other brand versions of them. I was excited for darker colours from Lime Crime, but the one I thought that I would get the most wear out of is Wicked. Salem and Black Velvet will more than likely find their way into my collection, because I love having the whole collection of things.

Lime Crime Wicked New Lip Swatch2Lime Crime Wicked New Lip Swatch
I like Wicked, but for some reason on me I make it looks more brown *shrugs* I don’t even know why. I think my purple/blue hair makes it look different on me, when I go back to brown, we’ll see what it looks like. The quality like all Lime Crime Velvetines is amazing. Once it has dried it lasts through just about everything. I find if you eat anything with oil in it, it will remove some of the Velvetine off your lips, but even then you only have to touch up a little.

I enjoy the fact that I put this on in the morning and I don’t have to worry about it smearing of coming off for most of the day. I do find that with the Velvetines that you have to strategically put it on, to make sure you get enough coverage in the first layer before it all dries. For instance I coat the applicator do half of my top lip, coat it again and then the other half of the top lip and then repeat for the bottom lip.  Another tip, don’t smush your lips together like you do with normal lipstick to spread it around, it will just pull at the product while it is drying. Have you got any of the Velvetines?

What colours do you have?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

5 thoughts on “Lime Crime Wicked

  1. I found that Lime Crime Wicked was very brown on me (and disappointing because I was hoping it would be more red/burgundy). When discussing this with other makeup friends it came up that body chemistry can alter the way lipstick colours look on us.

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