Makeup Revolution I Want Candy Blush in Flushing

Makeup Revolution I Want Candy Blush in Flushing


Today’s post is about one of my new blushes. My blush collection has been small for a while now (compared to all my other make up collections anyway XD) and so it has been exciting to add to it. This blush is from my most recent order from Make Up Revolution, from the I Heart Make up range, I want Candy blush in Flushing.
MUR IHC Flushing CaseThere is actually a lot of blusher in the pan, especially for the tiny price of $2.99 GBPMUR IHC FlushingIt has a heart in the middle!! I’ve used it for weeks and the heart is still there and there is barely a dent in the pan *dances*MUR IHC Flushing SwatchLamp Lighting: None of my pictures could capture the true colour of this blush so you have two.In the above one you can see the red/pink tones.MUR IHC Flushing Swatch 2Natural Lighting: you can see the peach/apricot tones more in natural lighting.

I sort of took a guess on this blush and I was really happy with how much it suited me. Its a lovely satin which makes it awesome to layer, so you can have a nice gentle flush or a full on blush going on and both look good.

What really got me with this was how long it lasted, all day long. 🙂 Yet again I am very impressed with the quality of Make up Revolution products. There are seven other colours to choose from, I am eyeing up Pink! and Wow for my next order. Who am I kidding, all the Make up Revolution!!

How many blushers do you own? Do you think you’ll be getting any of the I Want Candy blushes?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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