Weleda Everon Lip Balm

Weleda Everon Lip Balm


How has your week been so far? I have a whole week off from work to hang out with my mum, catch up on tv and catch up on my blog. The sun is even shining here in Auckland 😮

Today’s post is about the Weleda Everon lip balm I was sent to review.


Subtly scented with delicate musk rose and vanilla, this long-
lasting lip balm not only protects, but also soothes lips after exposure to the sun and wind and moisturises with jojoba oil and replenishing cocoa butter to keep lips deeply conditioned and feeling soft and smooth. The inclusion of natural waxes provides lips with the added benefit of a sun protection factor of 5 without the use of synthetic UV filters.

Weleda Everon Lip Balm CaseIt was like someone knew about my struggle this winter with dry lips. No matter what I did I always seemed to have dry lips.  Lip balm, lip scrub you name it I tried it. I think I like to wear too much matte lipstick and I don’t really prepare my lips beforehand. So when this turned up in my letter box I was really excited to give it a go. I have worn it every day, before bed and when I get up in the morning before I put my makeup on. I don’t wear lip balm throughout the day because I usually have lipstick on, though the info did say I could wear it underneath lipstick.Weleda Everon Lip BalmIngredients:

Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Rose Wax, Carnauba Wax, Vanilla Extract, Rose Extract.

What I thought:

I can’t quite put my finger on the smell, but I like it. It doesn’t last long so if it not for you it wont hang about. The texture was something to get used to, most lip balm goes on all thick, gloopey and you know you have it on. This one goes on in nice even, light layers. You can layer it up, but you don’t need much. It barely feels like you have anything on, which I really like. I also find that because it is quick absorbing and doesn’t sit on top of your lips it stays on better. Usually after a coffee or just wondering around for a bit my lip balm disappears, but after a coffee it is still there and after lunch it only needs a quick top up.

For me this stuff is invaluable. I am going to try and find it in store so I can have one at work and one at home. It keeps dry bits at bay and when I forget to take care of my lips (which is often) it helps repair in them very quickly. It is really soothing on split, raw lips too. If I was better at putting it on regularly and if I didn’t wear as much matte lipstick I can only imagine how good my lips would be. Note to self: Have a week off from lipstick.

I gave it a go on underneath lipstick and it works well, better with creme or satin lipsticks. I prefer to put it on with a good ten minutes or so before I put my lipstick on over top.

I would definitely repurchase this and would recommend to anyone who suffers with dry lips like I do.

Where to buy:

The Weleda Everon Lip Balm is available through their website, they have both and New Zealand and US website. In New Zealand you can also find them in most health food stores and Pharmacies.

Weleda NZ Website
Weleda US Website
Weleda NZ Facebook

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

2 thoughts on “Weleda Everon Lip Balm

  1. I have this and got it as a freebie with the gorgeous Pomegranate Hand cream. I find that it is rather hard and doesn’t swipe off onto my lips at all. It was pretty much like that from the time I got it. Instead of wasting it I use it on my eyebrows to keep them tamed.

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