MAC Lipstick in Kelly Yum Yum

MAC Lipstick in Kelly Yum Yum

Good Evening Lovelies,

Sorry you haven’t heard too much from me this week, I have been off sick this week. I have been busy though, taking photos of all my new pretties. I also managed to score a few lipsticks from MAC’s Novel Romance collection. Now I am just waiting “patiently” for them to arrive XD.

BUT! Today is all about Kelly Yum Yum from the Kelly Osbourne collection. Kelly Yum Yum is a beautiful satin, bright, blue based pink. I knew that I had to get this one before I even saw swatches.

MAC KYY TubeI just love the awesome lilac packaging, just like Kelly’s hair. I love it when MAC does limited edition packaging!
MAC KYY SwatchI was so pleased to see how well Kelly Yum Yum suited me. MAC Kelly Yum Yum Side*happy sighs*
MAC KYY Vs PinkI thought I would compare Kelly Yum Yum to my other two favourite pinks from MAC, Girls About Town and Impassioned. Just so you could see 😉

I am so very glad I got this. It is a perfect addition to my MAC collection, I was getting a little worried with how quickly I was using Girl About Town and now I have another bright pink to use. :3

Did you get anything from the Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Collections? Don’t you just love the packaging??

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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