Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Crying For You

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Crying For You

Good Evening my lovelies,

I have some awesome lipstick swatches for you tonight and even a selfie with my new hair colour in it for you ;)Tonight’s lipstick is the fab Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Crying for you.

MR Velvet LacquersI only have four out of seven and the colours all look to be my colours, so you can be sure I will get them all :3MR Velvet Light Pink LipKeep Crying for you is what I would call a medium pink that goes on liquid, but dries matte.MR Velvet L Light PinkI am totally in love with this colour,I think it suits be very well. Its not too bright and too soft. MR Velvet Light Pink SelfieOMGOSH! Its my face 😮 Ehe! Now you get to see my awesome new hair colour dark purple on top and pink on bottom. I’ll try and get a better photo for you when I review my hair dye 😉 I like how my lipstick compliments my new hair colour well *preens*

Lipsticks that go on liquid and dry matte seem to be more readily available now. As much as I love my Lime Crime Velveteens they do not have a large variety of colour. Australis Velour Lips are awesome too, but again do not have a large variety, with mainly all of them being super bright colours. The Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers seem to have more of a every day selection with a few natural shades and some very wearable pinks and purples. I just love the idea of putting on a lipstick, letting it set and then not worrying about it till lunch time.

Tips and Tricks:

Due to not being able to layer the Velvet Lip Lacquers, I found that the best way to get max amount of coverage is to do your lips in parts. Do half of your bottom lip, put some more the applicator, do the other half. Put more on your applicator, do half of your top lip, more on your applicator and then the last half of your top lip. You may find you don’t need as much as me, since I do have rather plump lips, but I did find this technique worked for me. I think I will use it for my other brands of velvet lipsticks too.

Also what ever you do not mush your lips together, it will bunch like crazy and  push it all over your lips. Then you will have to start again T_T

So what did I think?

Just like every lipstick it came off mainly when I ate or drank. They did pretty well, but not as good as the Lime Crime or Australis velvet drying lipsticks. I found that the lipstick would not be entirely dry and would sometimes dry and then rub off against my cup and food more than the others like it. No reall biggy, but it meant that they were not as easy to patch if too much had bunched up. Which then usually involved me having to take it all off and try again.

They did take a wee bit to set, I just made sure I put on my lipstick straight after I did my foundation and then the rest of my makeup while it set. Getting them off at the end of the day wasn’t too bad I just used my usualy cleanser. Just like all Velvet drying lipsticks, they are a pain to correct a smudged or wonky line. Once you have your line drawn you really are committed XD Hopefully no one looks too close.

I really like them and as I mentioned I will get the last few from the collection in my next order. They are very different colours to any of the other velvet drying lipsticks I have seen and all the colours seem to be very wearable. They are pretty awesome for the small price you pay. $3.00 GBP, why not get all of them!! Definitely worth getting if you are looking into it.

Have you got any of the Salvation Lip Lacquers? What are your favourite shades?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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