Make Up Revolution – I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts

Make Up Revolution – I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts


How was your weekend? I had a friend over and we dyed each other’s hair crazy colours and spent far too much money on shopkins. If you are brave and click through the shopkins website, you will discover its a toy. Don’t judge me too harshly, they are cute and they have nail polish and lipstick ones XD I also managed to find enough light to swatch my new blushes from Makeup Revolution. Why is blush so hard to swatch???

I have been lusting after the Too Faced heart shaped blushes for ages now, but the price tag is just a little too high for a blush, especially one that I had to order online and couldn’t test first. So when I saw that Makeup Revolution had their own heart shaped blushers at a much more reasonable price (for me) I brought two! The first one I am going to share with you is Candy Queen of Hearts, this is a paler dusky pink toned blush.

MR Blushing Hearts BoxI love the box and I love how the actual product keeps the heart shape too:3

MR Candy Queen of Heart Box ClosePretty!
MR Candy Queen of Hearts all three Swatch copyThe Blushing Hearts blushers are tripled baked with three colours that can be worn separately or blended together. The three of them separately are very pretty and I think they are quite wearable (albeit hard to photograph *shakes fist*).MR Candy Queen of Hearts Swatch2Together they are  a super pretty slightly shimmer pink. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better picture of it -_-

I was quite amazed with how long my blush stayed on during the day. Blush can sometimes be the first thing to fade during the day, but by lunch time I still had quite a bit left. I really like the colours whether blended or separate, I also like the fact that I could just blend two if I wanted, it offer quite a lot of control over the colour of my blush :3 Very clever!

I have no knowledge whether these are dupes for the Too Faced blushers, but they have damn cute packaging! I am still keen to get myself the Too Faced blushes, but one day when I have a little more money to spend.

If you are interested in a nice, inexpensive addition to your blush collection I would highly suggest one (or all) of the Blushing Hearts blushers from Makeup Revolution. I am so keen to get the last one in the set, Peachy Keen. I NEED ALL THE MAKEUP REVOLUTION!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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