MAC Alluring Aquatic – Lorelei and Silver Sun

MAC Alluring Aquatic – Lorelei and Silver Sun

Hello Lovelies!

Today I finally have for you the swatches of my pretty little M.A.C. Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension eye shadows, Lorelei and Silver Sun. They are from the same collection as Goddess of the Sea,which you can find swatches of here.

The Alluring Aquatic Collection has some of the coolest packaging I have seen in a while. All the items in this collection come in metallic, teal blue cases with faux water droplets. Even the boxes come like that too. I had high hopes for this collection as I wanted to get as many things as possible so I could cherish the awesome packaging. I think I was pretty lucky to score the lipstick and two shadows :3

So click on through and lets have a look.

AA Shadows BoxesSee! The boxes are so cool :3 I have of course kept them.
AA Shadows CasesSqueee! The water droplets are even raised so they look pretty real.MAC Lorelei PanLorelei: I am sorry for the already used product photos and the product around the edges. I couldn’t wait to use it *hangs head* I also have used it a tonne more when I found out this photo has shadow everywhere -_-

BUT! Look at it isn’t it pretty?!

MAC AA Shadow Swatches 5Lorelei: I am such a sucker for nude eye shadows and when I saw the swatches for Lorelei I knew that I had to at least get this one. It is a glamed up nude shadow with awesome bronze and gold tones to it. It looks good blended with other colours or by its self.MAC Silver SunSilver Sun: I really love how the Extra Dimension eye shadows have waves and MAC pressed into them.MAC AA Shadow Swatches 4Silver Sun: I wanted this colour when I saw all the swatches and when I got my hands on it in store, but then when I got it home I was like….now what? How am I going to wear this? Today I grabbed it thinking it was Lorelei and when I got to work to apply my make-up I discovered it was Silver Sun. I was just going to go without eye shadow today and then I thought “Just use it, why else did you buy it?”. It is actually an amazing colour and looks really good with my pale skin and green/hazel eyes. It is a metallic, green toned, gunmetal grey colour, which looks pretty awesome with black eyeliner.

Now have some swatches!

MAC AA Shadow Swatches 1
MAC AA Shadow Swatches 2MAC AA Shadow Swatches 3
I  don’t know if it just me, but they seem to have a small shift in them. It is more than likely the shimmer in them. I am so very pleased with these two colours. They are nice every day colours, but also very different to what is already in my collection.

Did you manage to score anything from the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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