MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town

MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town

Good Evening,

I have had a few busy weekends lately trying to get all of my lipstick swatched. It is not an easy mission as I have a heap, so much so that the drawer I store them in is barely closing. I am still in denial, so I haven’t counted them yet XD First to be swatched were all of my MAC lipstick. I have been posting a lot of MAC lately so I will try and space them out with some other brands and non lipstick posts in between. However, I had to share with you my favourite pink MAC lipstick.

You already know that one of my all-time fave red lipsticks is MAC’s Ruby Woo, but my favourite pink lipstick is MAC’s Girl About Town.  So lets have a look at this awesome pink 😉

MAC Girl About Town T

Girl About Town is the most amazing pink for me. It just works with my skin tone and it goes with almost every item of clothing I own. Its super pigmented and has a nice shine to it. Being an amplified crème it is not too glossy and sticks around for a long time.

MAC Girl About Town Lip Swatch 2

I was sent into a panic the other day when I saw how much I had actually used of my lipstick. I am not one to finish a lipstick in a timely manner since I have so many of them, there is a heap of it left which will get me through another year, but it made me think that I should get another tube just in case. Does anyone else have these panic attacks? Or have several tubes of their favourite lipstick stashed away?

So there you have it! Thanks for stopping by.

❤ MaSucree

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