Melt Cosmetics – Belladonna 2 and By Starlight

Melt Cosmetics – Belladonna 2 and By Starlight

Good Evening!

I have been busy this weekend swatching up a storm today. My light cube and lamps seem to be working really well. It doesn’t really matter now what the weather is doing outside, which makes it so much easier to keep up with blogging. Except of course when my kitten takes over my light cube -_-

Today I have for you my new Melt lipsticks in By Starlight and Belladonna 2. Melt is known for their awesomely coloured matte lipsticks. They have Blow which is a beautiful dark green lipstick and blow which is a epic dark blue lipstick. I am just waiting for them to get back in stock :3 I also have my eye on Shady Lady, a stunning pink.

Melt BoxesThe boxes are pretty cool, but a bugger to take photos of XD

Melt TubeThe lipsticks tubes are simple and chic with a matte finish.Melt Closeup(sorry they are already used in this photo, I couldn’t wait to use them)Melt Both Hand SwatchThey even look awesome together….I wonder if there is a way I could make that work?
Melt Belladonna 2 lip swatch 2Belladonna 2 – It is a brilliant bright red on the lip, but I noticed that when it presses off on my coffee mug it has a pink tinge to it. It almost makes it have a jelly (is that a thing?) matte finish to it. I don’t know, whatever it is its wicked.Melt By Starlight Lip SwatchBy Starlight – Oh man isn’t that purple just amazing?! *happy sigh*

These are superb lipsticks. I am very happy with their quality. They stay on through just about anything and need very minimal touching up through out the day. I also didn’t have any problems with bleeding, but I would still pre-empt with a clear liner (better safe than sorry, especially in warmer weather). I did find that being uber matte that you have to layer the lipstick on in thin even strokes rather than push it on or else you risk snapping your pretty little lipstick. It also creates a more even, opaque finish.

I have no favourite, I love both By Starlight and Belladonna 2 equally. They are very welcome additions to my ever growing red and purple lipstick collections :3

I am still excited that I managed to get myself Melt Cosmetics lipstick *flails*. I have bee ooing and aahing over their website and instagram for months. I look forward to adding more to my collection. If you are contemplating buying one, go for it! The quality is fantastic, the colour range is beautiful and the shipping is pretty speedy for those of us stuck in New Zealand (one week from purchase).

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree.

4 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics – Belladonna 2 and By Starlight

  1. Gosh I want so many of these too! That purple is loooovely! I think we are lipstick twins – I always end up going for purples and reds too 😀 How do you find By Starlight compares to your other purples?

    1. I think we are lipstick twins!! By Starlight is quite different to the other purple lipsticks I have, I think it is the only true purpe I have. Its almost a royal purple. Even though its matte its not one flat colour. Same goes for the red too

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