MAC Lipstick in Pure Heroine

MAC Lipstick in Pure Heroine

Good Morning!

I have something exciting to share with you today. I have managed to get myself a tube of MAC‘s Pure Heroine lipstick. I shared with you the other day the beauty that is Heroine, so I give you the stunner that is Pure Heroine. This beautiful dark purple, amplified creme is from the mini Lorde Collection. It only just launched in New Zealand today, but I scored myself a tube from MAC’s website two weeks ago.

I finally gave youshop a go and this is how I have a tube early ;). Youshop is an awesome service nzpost offers, which provides you a US address for those websites that only ship to places within the states and then they send it on to you. I would highly recommend youshop to all my New Zealand beauty addicts :3

So lets have a look at my awesome, new purple lipstick!MAC Pure HeroineOpen:3MAC Pure Heroine TubeSorry bout the random bit of fluff – It looks all dark and intimidating in the tube, but its not really 😉MAC Pure Heroine Hand SwatchIts just so creamy and opaque :3MAC Pure Heroine Lip Swatch 2It just looks so amazing on (if I do say so myself)MAC Pure Heroine Lip SwatchMAC Heroine Vs Pure HeroineI also thought I would swatch it next to Heroine just so you can see them together 😉 Its in the same colour vein, but completely different!

I adore this lipstick so much! Its a beautiful dark purple lipstick that is very different from the other purple lipsticks that MAC has launched before. It goes on very easily and looks fantastic. I would advise a clear lip liner because it  does bleed a little bit. It has very good staying power due to how pigmented it is. You lose a bit on cups and food, but it comes off in a manner that you don’t look silly.

Can you tell from the amount of purple lipstick I have posted about that I am totally digging the purple lipstick?

I am so glad I made the effort to get Pure Heroine :3 I hope you managed to get your own!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

2 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick in Pure Heroine

  1. It looks fab on you! I can’t get enough of purple lipstick either. I somehow was under the impression that this wouldn’t be out until July, I have no idea why… I hope my swatches look as good as yours, I tried to do some yesterday but was having trouble with the daylight 😦

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