MAC Lipstick in Heroine

MAC Lipstick in Heroine

Hello again! I am still stuck at home sick -_- The parcels are mounting up on my work desk now, so I have to get better to go get them gah! Oh well! It does mean that I get to bring you a post about one of my new lipsticks. Today’s post is about one of my biggest lemmings lipstick wise, its MAC’s Heroine. I have wanted this lippy for so long! It came and went as a Limited Edition and every time I saw swatches I would feel the need for it all over again. Finally it was released as a permanent and I managed to get my own tube. Now with Lemmings this strong they can either go two ways; its all you’ve ever dreamed of and more or it was the worst purchase in all of existence. I have to admit I put off putting it on because I thought it would look horrible with my skin tone. However, it was like someone made Heroine just for me. I am so happy with it. Now lets take a look. MAC Heroine*happy sigh*MAC Heroine Lip 2Out of direct light MAC Heroine Lip 3In sunlight. I’ve given you quite a few photos so that you can get an accurate look at the colour. It is a fantastic purple, but boy is it hard to get photos of XD I am totally in love with Heroine. It has a matte finish, which doesn’t cling to any possible dry bits on your lips and my lips were not dried by a day’s wear, which some mattes have a tendency to do. I could not find any bleeding at all, zilch, nada, none. I don’t wear liner with most of my lipsticks, so no bleeding is a miracle. The wear time is pretty good, through out the day it comes off a bit, but leaves heaps behind so you don’t really notice. So you don’t have to reapply often, only after meals. The colour is the most amazing thing about this lipstick, I have seen it worn on a few different skin tones (why my lovely friend at Lani Loves is even wearing it right now) and it looks great. It also isn’t too in your face so can be worn with quite a lot of different outfits and colours. I am so very thrilled to be adding this lipstick to my collection, I will be getting a lot of wear out of this baby. Five million gajillion stars, so go out and get your own! Thanks for stopping by. ❤ MaSucree

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