Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation in 50 Natural

Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation in 50 Natural


How has your week been? My mine has been pretty quite.I have a few posts lined up for you. Today’s one is about the foundation I have been using the last few months.

So in recent months I have had to be a bit tighter on my budget and I haven’t been able to replace my foundation with my usual MAC one. I went out shopping looking for a reasonably priced medium coverage foundation that could get me through the months until I could afford MAC again. I’m not saying nothing else isn’t as good or I am snobbing things just because they are not MAC, but I just really love my MAC foundation that much.

I purchased Max Factor’s new whipped cream foundation. Farmers had a sale on it so it was only $30. I have to admit I did resist at first because it did not cover like my MAC did, but my skin was in a horrible way and once I got it sorted the coverage was enough.Max Factor Foundation

I also realised that I needed to be not so heavy handed. I’m not sure if it is because it is a moussey type foundation, but you don’t need much and it is easy to go overboard and look like you had a photoshopping accident.

The finish is velvety and is easy enough to blend in and get it even. I am happy with using it all by itself, but I find if I want my foundation to stay in place longer then I need to use a powder. I am currently using an old favourite Australis Pressed Powder in natural.

MX Open

The staying power is ok even good, some of my foundation is still there, but it can move a bit. I have been using it without a primer so that may also effect wear time. I also can have quite oily skin so that doesn’t usually help either.

The colour was quite a good match for me. I just had to remember to let it settle.MF Swatch

I would repurchase this if I hadn’t just replaced my MAC foundation. Full price is about $50 and the $20 isn’t enough of a difference for me to chose it. However I would if my usual MAC foundation wasn’t within my budget again. This is a good all round foundation for me, nice coverage, good colour, pretty good staying power and easy to apply.

Four stars from me.

Have you Max Factor’s whipped cream foundation? How did you find it?

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