Collection Concealer in Light

Collection Concealer in Light

Good Afternoon!

How is your week going? Just the usual for me so far 🙂 Today I bring to you Collection Cosmetics’Concealer.

Collection Cosmetics recently made their way to New Zealand and surprised us all with its range of cosmetics and reasonably low prices. I had heard a lot about their concealer and was also in the market for a cheaper replacement. If I remember correctly I paid $14 for it from Countdown. At that price and location you can sneak it into the groceries without anyone noticing.Collection Concealer Tube

I’ve used it for two months now and I have to say its not bad for a $14 concealer. I have had a strict budget the last wee while so it has been nice to still have products that does a good job

This concealer is better for red patches and pimples. For dark spots it takes the edge of your under eye circles, but not enough for me. I suffer from real bad dark circles and need a bit more coverage. Other than that the coverage was fine.

I was surprised by how well it lasts. As long as I didn’t touch my face too often it stayed where it was meant to till the end of the day.

Application is easy, it comes in a tube with a wand to swipe it on with. I found this quite good because I could get it on the areas I needed then blend it in with my own brush, all without getting any on my hands. It also blends very well too, no streaking.

Collection Concealer SwatchThere were only two shades that I could see and I got the darkest. Now I am fairly pale so a wider range of shades would be good. This shade did suit me fine, but if I was any more tanned I would be stuck for choice.

I wouldn’t repurchase again, just because it doesn’t help with dark circles, if I didn’t have such a problem with them I would forgo other more expensive concealers for it.

I’m going to have a look at some of the other Collection products since the concealer has been so good. Have you have any Collection products to recommend?

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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