Essence Gel Tints

Essence Gel Tints

Good Afternoon Lovelies,

I have some more Essence Cosmetics for you today. Today I will be sharing with you the Essence Gel Tints in Hot Red, Deep Red and Pink Exposed. For some reason I can not find the product page for these on the essence website to tell you more about them. If I can remember the stand correctly there is also an orange gel tint. I picked up these three, because they looked to be colours I would wear.

So lets take a look.
E Gel Tints Box

E Gel Tints TubeThe tubes are pretty cute and I haven’t really seen anything else with this shape packaging before.E Gel Tints Swatch One LayerLeft to right: Hot Red, Deep Red and Pink Exposed.

Swatched on my hand, one layer.E Gel Tints Swatch Two LayersLeft to right: Hot Red, Deep Red and Pink Exposed.

Two layers :3E Hot Red One LayerHot Red – One LayerE Hot Red Two LayersHot Red – Two LayersE Deep Red One LayerDeep Red – One Layer

E Deep Red Two LayersDeep Red – Two LayersE Pink one layerPink Exposed – One layerE Pink two layersPink Exposed – Two Layers

Pink Exposed would be my favourite as it is the easiest to get on and layer. The reds look quite patchy. All of them do not go on easily and can bled very quickly. I find that I don’t want to get them too close to  my lip line just in case they smooch out into my lip lines.

The wear on them are pretty bad. Sure as you go through your day and eat and drink any lippie product will fade, but these disappear just by being on your lips. An hour or so later they are pretty much gone, even with two layers I had to almost constantly reapply. The tubes aren’t that big either so you would rip through the small amount of product. When they fade they don’t even really leave a stain behind either 😦

A plus? They are not drying, but they are not nourishing either.  They have a really sweet smell, which is almost berry like and when you lick your lips they also have a sweet taste to them too (which wouldn’t help with wear time either).

The colours are not unique enough for me to push through  Wthe constant reapplication problem. I think I will retire these and see if I know someone would like them. I am glad I gave them a go, Essence is cheap enough that you really don’t mind a dud. Right so on to the next Essence product.

Have you tried any Essence products?

❤ MaSucree

2 thoughts on “Essence Gel Tints

  1. I have the orangey one, it’s called Flashy Apricot 🙂 I felt about the same way as you do – totally cute, go on nicely and aren’t drying – but they’re hard to keep on!

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