Sinful Colors Outrageous

Sinful Colors Outrageous

Good Afternoon!

How has your weekend been? I have had a busy weekend, dyeing my hair and rocking round in my PJs :3 I have a quick post to you about one of my fave polishes at the moment and also my current nails of the day. Today’s post is all about Sinful Colors‘ Outrageous.


SC Outrageous Swatch 1

Two coats and they both go on like a dream. ❤
SC Outrageous Swatch 2Sinful Colors are an amazing brand of polishes! Outrageous is one of my favourites and is on my nails again today. Sinful Colors finally arrived in New Zealand the end of last year and retail for about $5 NZD upwards per bottle. They are the perfect way to bulk up you polish collection without spending heaps. I mainly have their creme polishes, but I do have a few of their shimmers and glitters. I am totally loving creme polishes at the moment. All of the Sinful Colors I have wear really well and dry super quick. None of them from memory stain your nails either! Which is a super plus.

Outrageous is such a pretty colours and matches my hair! Yesterday I dyed the ends of my hair pretty much the same colour. Love it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good week 🙂

❤ MaSucree

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