Dark Purple Lipstick: MAC and Revlon

Dark Purple Lipstick: MAC and Revlon

Good Morning!

It is winter here in New Zealand, so it is time to whip out the more vampy lipstick colours. Who am I kidding really?! I wear what ever I like year round, but I find that such dark shades go better with winter clothes.  Today’s post is comparing two dark purple lipsticks. MAC’s Cyber and Revlon Va Va Violet. I have heard that Va Va Violet is a dupe for MAC’s cyber. In New Zealand both Revlon and MAC are relatively costly, MAC lippies retail for $40.00 NZD and Revlon lippies retail upwards of $20.00 NZD. Strangely enough Va Va Violet was harder for me to locate in NZ, I ended up finding it in a clearance store for $10.00 NZD.

So I thought I would compare them to see how close they really are.

MAC Vs Revlon Dark Purple

Revlon Va Va VioletRevlon Va Va Violet – this one has a very glossy finish and takes a bit more to get opaque.MAC Cyber 2MAC Cyber – has a lot more coverage, but is harder to take photos of *shakes fist*

Mac CyberMAC Cyber – I find such dark lipstick colours show up creases and product layers more than lighter colours. Mac Vs Revlon Dark Purple HandLeft:MAC Cyber, Right: Revlon Va Va Violet

On my hand they look noticeably different, but it will be on the lips that we really see how they look.MAC Vs Revlon Dark Purple LipsSide by side they don’t look majorly different colour wise, Va Va Violet is slightly more red based, while Cyber has more of a blue base.MAC Vs Revlon Dark Purple Lips 2Va Va Violet is definitely more glossy and cyber has a satin finish.

I wouldn’t call them perfect dupes for one another, I believe the saying is “Sisters not twins”, but if you are after a dark purple along this vein then you can get either or. I prefer Cyber for its full coverage and it is easy to apply. Va Va Violet I end up fighting and due to its glossy finish I find that it has a finite amount of layers you can do before you start moving it round instead of adding more.

Looking beyond the colour, due to Va Va Violet’s glossy finish it came off on everything and needed constant reapply to maintain a good looking amount of coverage. I found at times I would look in the mirror and find one side of my lips was a bit bare of colour. Cyber still moves about and will come off, but due to its more opaque coverage and ability to be layered it didn’t look so bad if I failed to touch it up.

To be perfectly honest, I am never too worried about finding dupes. Lipsticks come in various finishes and quality, so even if they are the same colour they will never look or wear the same. I buy lipstick based on if I like the colours and how it looks on me. I will more than likely end up adding more dark purple lipsticks to my collection because they are gorgeous. However if you are on a budget and want to find yourself a close duplicate to MAC’s Cyber with out having to pay through the nose for it, go for Revlon’s Va Va Violet.

Enjoy your vampy lipstick and don’t be afraid to step outside of the house with it on.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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