Essence 3D Duo Eyeshadows Swatches

Essence 3D Duo Eyeshadows Swatches


I finally have some Essence products to share with you today. The Essence 3D Duo Eyeshadows to be exact, I have them in Irresistible Green Dream, Irresistible Purr-Ple, Irresistible Caramel Cream and Irresistible Vanilla Latte.

Essence 3D shadow case closed

So lets have a look at these shadows!
Essence 3D shadow caseIrresistible Caramel Cream

The swoop of how the shadows are pressed into the pan reminds me a lot of the MAC Extra Dimension Shadows.

Caramel Cream SwatchIrresistible Caramel Cream. -I wear Caramel Cream the most out of all of them. It looks amazing on and with black liquid liner it is a stunning pin up-ish look.I wear the left one by itself and then also both of them together. I haven’t tried the shade on the right by its self yet but it looks great, so I better give it a go.

Latte Case

Irresistible Vanilla Latte

I dropped it T_T luckily not too much has come loose.
Vanilla Latte Swatch

Irresistible Vanilla Latte – Gah! So hard to take photos of! These are fantastic colours to just swipe over for a natural, nudey look. Again with black eye liner it looks great!

Purple Case

Irresistible Purr-PlePurple Swatch

Irresistible Purr-Ple – Look at the purple on the left, its almost duo chromey :3 I haven’t worn them outside of the house yet, but I have played around with them. I prefer them blended together or else they wash me out a little, but that’s just me.Green Case

Irresistible Green Dream Green Dream Swatch

Irresistible Green Dream – This green is so amazing! I have such a soft spot for green, green lipstick, green eye shadow, green polish! They are just perfect!

I am mightily impressed with the Essence eye shadows. They retail for about $5.85 NZD each and are quite big for such a teeny tiny little price. It also means you can grab a handful of colours and give them a go. There are a few other colours that I would like to grab, but the colours I have already are lovely. I really like how you can wear one colour or both together!

How long they last is superb, there is still shadow on my lids by the end of the day. They are not touch resistance, but with primer they are.

I highly recommend these, they are a great addition to your eye shadow collection and are good ways to also introduce yourself to more colour variety with out breaking the bank. Essence so far has been spotted at Manukau and Glenfield Malls in Auckland, as well as Kilbirnie in Wellington. Hopefully they will be New Zealand wide soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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