The Balm Overshadows

The Balm Overshadows

Hello Lovelies!

The weather has been pretty nice to be lately, so I have actually got some half pie decent photos to share with you. Damn stupid Auckland weather *mutter mutter* Today I am going to share with you the Balm Overshadows.

I’ve had these pretties a while now and have only just got round to swatching them. I brought them from nzsale for about $ 12.00 NZD each, they cost $15.00 USD from the Balm’s website. Here’s what the Balm website has to say about them:

Meet the first finely milled, all-mineral shimmer designed to go over eyeshadow. Apply to the lid to transform the most subtle daytime shadow into nighttime shimmer.

How to Apply
Using your Give Crease a Chance brush, apply overshadow to your lids for a soft, blended shimmer, or apply wet for rich pigment.

TheBalm Overshadows BoxesLeft: No Money, No Honey Right: Work is Overrated

I’ve kept the boxes because they look cool!TheBalm Overshadows PanLeft: No Money, No Honey Right: Work is Overrated

The pretty ladies are also on the containers!TheBalm Overshadows Open Left: No Money, No Honey Right: Work is Overrated

TheBalm work is overratedWork is OverratedThe Balm No Money No Honey

No Money, No HoneyThe Balm Overshadows SwatchLeft: No Money, No Honey Right: Work is Overrated

They are two very awesome, shimmery nudes :3The Balm Overshadows Swatch 2

Left: No Money, No Honey Right: Work is Overrated

I’ve had a play around with them over shadows and they just really add a bit of shimmer, they can also change the colour of a shadow too. I don’t know if that is a function (???) I will use them for, because I just like the colours so will just use them by themselves. With a swoop of liquid eye liner they look super foxy 😉

They last forever it feels and are a monster to get off due to the shimmer going everywhere when you try and take it off. Don’t be worried though, once they are on they don’t smudge.

They are not finishes that I would wear every day, but are more going out for the night colours. No Money, No Honey being paler can pass for a day time shade. I am glad that I did not spend much on them as I am not inclined to wear them all the time. Don’t get me wrong though they are super pretty.

My one beef with this is IT GOES EVERYWHERE! Open the lid poof! Eye shadow everywhere! Put your brush in it poof! Eye shadow everywhere! Close the lid poof! Eye shadow everywhere! My keyboard is currently sparkling from my earlier swatching session XD

So all in all these are pretty, they look nice on, but aren’t every day shades due to the intense shimmer.

So Three and a half stars.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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