Art Deco Jungle Fever Eye Shadow in 32. Green Jungle

Art Deco Jungle Fever Eye Shadow in 32. Green Jungle

Good Evening,

I have some eye shadow for you today from Art Deco. Art Deco has only been in NZ for a little while, so its still a novelty to have it and I have been in and out of my local Farmers store dribbling over the new Art Deco collection Jungle fever. The woes of living in NZ is we are going into Winter as all the make up brands I love are going into summer.


I am not terribly excited about the bronzers or the lipsticks, but I want all the Eye Shadows!! I think they will work with winter looks.But lets be honest, who cares what season it is?? I do what I want!!


The Jungle fever eye shadows are from the Art Couture range of shadows and are bigger than the normal eye shadows and are meant to be super duper amazing, long lasting and highly pigmented. They are $14.00 compared to the usual $9.00 of the standard shadows, but are one and half the size of the standard shadows. Just look at all those amazing colours :3Art Deco Green Jungle Pan

So I went in today wanting to get number 49. Gold Green, but grabbed 32. Green Jungle instead. They look fairly similar and the little pans that you buy them in only have the numbers. I was a little bummed, but Green Jungle is still lovely and I will just have to go back for the other one.

Art Deco Jungle Fever Shadow Swatches

Can you see why I want all the colours? They are really highly pigmented and beautiful. 32. Green Jungle actually looks fantastic on and I am really impressed. I would show you, but I can not get a respectable picture today.

The quality of the shadow was amazing, you do not need to pile it on to get good colour pay off. It also stays around for most of the day (unless you wipe your eyes which I do with out thinking all the time -_- ) and does not really need a eye shadow base.

I can’t wait to go pick up some of the other colours!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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