D-Tangler Hair Comb

D-Tangler Hair Comb

Good Evening!

Today’s post is all about my brand new D-Tangler from Via.

I am trying to grow my hair, but like most people once it gets long I fight the battle against horriffic knots and split ends. I had read somewhere that a Tangle Teaser promised to comb your hair, but without the damage. I unfortunately can not afford a Tangle Teezer in New Zealand, at $30 odd dollars it is not something I am willing to take a chance on. However another brand has brought out something similar that only costs $17.

I came across the stand of the D-Tanglers at a Life Pharmacy. They had a variety of colours, but I picked up the mirrored gold one. It is a smaller comb that suits me just fine with my little hands. Also means it travels well in my handbag and doesn’t take up too much room. Though, if you get a mirrored one like mine keep it away from your keys so it stays nice looking.D-Tanglr


So the verdict? I have been using it for two weeks on dry hair and wet hair. I have noticed that it is gentler and quicker to brush the knots out of my hair after a shower. There is no horrible raspy brush strokes that you can hear thr hair breaking. I think my hair fall is less than usual as well. I use it through out the day to run through my hair to keep it looking nice. Again, it doesn’t feel nearly as harsh as my other brush did. I will continue to use my D-Tangler and not look back. If you have easily tangled hair, you are trying to grow your hair, trying to look after your hair or just hate the amount of time your spend fighting the knots in your hair I would highly recommend picking your self up a D-Tangler.

One thing that makes me super happy is how easy it is to clean. Just a rinse under a warm tap, a dry with a towel and then away you go. I am really tempted to get a second one to keep in my handbag.

If you are after a D-Tangler, check out your local pharmacy or visit My Beauty Store.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSurcree

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