ORLY Star Spangled and Royal Navy

ORLY Star Spangled and Royal Navy

Good Morning!

I have the plague! *pouts and dramatically falls onto couch*. So I have been sent home with orders frommby boss to have panadol, plenty of water, whisky and chocolate. True story. So while I do all this, I thought I better keep sharing some of the many swatches I have hidden on my computer.

Today I have for you two shiny polishes from Orly’s In the Navy Collection. I have Star Spangled which is a bright red polish with red glitter and Royal Navy is a Blue polish with blue glitter in it.

Take a look and these pretties :3

ORLY  In thr Navy Bottles

They look so noice in the bottles :3 And Orly have such big bottles too 18ml! Even though these colours are reasonably bright they go with everything I own…which seems to be blue and red XDORLY Star Spangled Swatch

Unfortunately red nail polish is super nutty awful to take photos of, so I only have limited photos of this one.

Delly told me that she reckons this is a lot like her China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Next time I have her over I will make sure to swatch them side by side so we can see 😉

Its such a perfect red for my skin tone, I’ve worn it quite a few times and no matter what lengths my nails are at it looks lovely. For some reason compared to the Royal Navy, Star Spangled lasts and lasts and lasts. I wore it for three days to work with only minor chipping. :0
ORLY Royal Navy Swatch

When I got Star Spangled I new I had to get Royal Navy, so I stalked Ebay until I found it. And now it is all my bwahahah! Its such an epic blue, I can’t decide between the two of these. I think I like them both just as much. As I mentioned above Star Spangled chips less than this one *shrugs* I don’t even know how to explain that one. BUT even then it lasts for a good long while under the work conditions I put it under.

I’m so glad I found these polishes, I have never seen them in New Zealand and when I saw them online I was like “Meh!”. Just goes to show you should always try something on before you decide.

If you see either of these two for sale, I suggest you get them straight away! They are some of my favourite polish purchases this year.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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