MAC Lipstick in Rebel

MAC Lipstick in Rebel

Good Morning!

I have even more lipstick for you today…yes more M.A.C. lipstick. This one is Rebel.

Since buying Impassioned I’ve really been trying hard to try other lipstick colours besides red. I went out with Delly over the weekend, this of course meant going to a M.A.C. store as it is our latest obsession. There she managed to convince me that I needed Rebel in my life and that I should also get Cyber. Delly is biased and thinks I look lovely in everything so I took it for a road test yesterday at work and I can’t say I feel in love just yet BUT its one wicked lipstick!MAC rebel Caseedited


It looks soooo dark in the tube its almost off putting, but when you get it on…MAC Rebel Swatch

BAM! Sexy purple lipstick 😉MAC Rebel Swatch 2

*swoooon*MAC Rebel On

Excuse the wild and wooly hair, but I wanted to show you what this lipstick looks like on me. I totally forgot to put some blush on so I’m a little washed out. But I really like it (if I do say so myself). Its such a different lipstick and I feel so good wearing it.

Just like all my M.A.C. lipsticks it goes on perfect, lasts for ages and looks fantastic!!

I admit M.A.C. is not cheap, but it really is worth what you pay. If you want one fantastic lipstick to wear everyday I would highly recommend a M.A.C. lipstick. Go see your local M.A.C. people they will help you find that perfect lipstick for you and if you want something out there they like Rebel their the place to go.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

7 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick in Rebel

  1. You look divine. I think we have the same eye color, and almost the same hair color, so if I was a woman, I might try out this lipstick color. Such a powerful look. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. GURL. You look FOXY! I bet it’d look awesome just slightly stained on the lips too.. And it’s such a lovely autumn/winter colour, I might have to check it out for myself!

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