MAC Lipstick Impassioned

MAC Lipstick Impassioned

Good Morning!

So ahh in about three weeks I have taken my M.A.C. lipstick collection from one to six XD Delly and I went out shopping Saturday and I indoctrinated her into the M.A.C. world and of course I picked up two new lipsticks (they are soon to come). So since my collection is rapidly growing I thought I better catch up on sharing them with you. So my next lipstick after Ruby Woo that I got from M.A.C. is Impassioned.

When I went in for a mascara I turned around from the counter and saw this beauty out of the crowd of lipsticks. I knew then that I had to get it even though it was crazy bright pink which  is totally out there from what I usually wear.

I finally had enough guts to wear this week, I also wore cat ears while I was wearing it. When people weren’t noticing the ears they were complimenting me on my lipstick. I think now that I’ve worn it a few time now it doesn’t feel as bright. But! Its time for you to take a look.MAC Impassioned Lippy


I know I said this before, but I really love how M.A.C. looks in the tube :3MAC Impassioned Swatch

Its very bright, but when I have it couple with the bright blush and eye makeup it looks amazingly cute!MAC Impassioned SwatchM.A.C. calls in an amplified creme lipstick and boy is it what. It goes on super easy and smooth! It does transfer a little more than matte lipsticks on my coffee mugs, but it really hangs onto your lips. I will use makeup wipes to take it off and even then there is still some on my lips, even the next morning.

I’m so glad on a whim I grabbed this, because it looks fantastic on me! Its also give me enough guts to try other lipsticks, I even brought Ablaze a matte orange and Rebel a super dark fuchsia  I’m also waiting till my next pay comes to get Cyber a uber dark black/purple. Bring on the lipstick!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree


3 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Impassioned

  1. I agree, it looks pretty. I’ve never tried a MAC lipstick. I kind of don’t want to just because I know it’s an expensive addiction to have!

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