Ninja Polish Shillelagh

Ninja Polish Shillelagh

Good Morning!

A few weeks ago Ninja Polish released more of their Enigma collection. I already had Ambrosia and Divinity from this collection and has been lusting over Shillelagh which was released for Saint Patrick’s day. With the release of the next four polishes they restocked the entire collection. Delly got me out of bed early to make sure we both got a bottle each XD Today I am sharing with you Shillelagh. Every Ninja Polish has a little blurb about it’s name so here it is directly from Ninja Polish’s page:

shil·le·lagh: Noun – An irish word for a cudgel made of blackthorn, oak, or other hardwoods. Usually slightly smaller than a walking stick or cane. Good for quick repetitious beating of individuals. Also used by some witty Irish males to refer to their…um….well you can figure it out! Also known to be used by Leprechauns to call their rainbows! “

GREEN POLISH!!!NP Shelalala Bottle

Now before you get too far into this post there is a whole lot of photos and not much else. I just wanted to show you the changes in this polish so you could fully enjoy it!

All pictures are of Shillelagh with no top coat and three layers.
NP Shelala Swatch 2 NP Shelala SwatchNP Shelala Swatch 4NP Shelala Swatch 3*sigh* isn’t it beautiful?! I have gotten soooo many compliments when ever I wear this beauty.

Now have a look at it with Seche Vite over top:

NP Shelala TP Swatch 1 NP Shelala TP Swatch 2 NP Shelala TP Swatch 3Tada! One sexy green nail polish 🙂 I love it soooo much :3

Shillelagh is still currently in stock at Ninja Polish for $11.00 USD if I have managed to convince you to get it. Which you should, cause its amazing.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

❤ MaSucree

4 thoughts on “Ninja Polish Shillelagh

    1. Thanks for your comment! Green is one of my favourite colours to get polish in so I am a little biased, but this one is super lovely it attracts so much attention and you are right its a very fresh, crisp colour.

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