MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Hello Lovelies!

I get to show off some lipstick today and yes it is red, but my most favourite of reds; M.A.C. Ruby Woo.

Not so long ago I got my first lot of M.A.C. makeup and since then I had fallen in love with the brand. I picked up a powder and lipstick from an importer clearance to give them a try before diving in boots in all to get more (as M.A.C. is not cheap in NZ). The lipstick I picked up was Ruby Woo, a beautiful red lipstick with a matte finish. It very quickly became my most favourite lipstick to wear, unfortunately due to the way in which you have to apply this lipstick I managed to snap it and mushed on the floor of my bathroom. I texted Mr Gabby as I stood there pouting at my most favourite lipstick mushed on the floor and he was kind enough to rescue me and buy me another one. He really is a saint ❤MAC Ruby Woo Lippy


There is something about how M.A.C. red lipstick looks in the tube, I just love it so much!

Even the brand new one was still hard to apply. Due to how very matte it is I have found that applying it in gentle layers works out a bit better. Especially since I am so paranoid now about snapping it again.

MAC Ruby Woo Swatch

With this lippy I wear a red lip liner to stop it from bleeding and I also find that it is easier to put lipstick on when I have guide lines.

MAC Ruby Wood Swatch 2

(I give you a second photo because red lippy is so hard to take photos of I wanted to make sure you got the full effect of the lipstick).

So it is uber matte, what they call “retro matte”, I’m not too sure what that all means as I am still new to matte lipstick. BUT gosh its gorgeous looking! Its what I would label a true red, but a nice dark ruby (well duuuuh MaSucree “Ruby Woo”).

With it having to be etched onto my lips in layers it means that it lasts a long time on my lips, even with eating and drinking. It doesn’t even really transfer onto cups and it doesn’t smear easily either. Even being a matte lipstick it doesn’t dry my lips like some can. Can you see why it is number one  lipstick? Its all round lovely!

Thank you Mr Gabby for the new lipstick!

And thank you for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

9 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

  1. Hey! Long time lurker, first time commenting! Ruby Woo looks great on you, have you seen Russian Red (gorgeous neutral toned mid-dark red with a matte finish) or Lady Danger (warm toned orange-red with a matte finish) ? I think you’ll totally love those too!

    1. You must know me well because those two are what I am picking up next Wednesday 😮 You must be my lipstick soul mate! XD Thank you for commenting its great to hear from my lurkers 😀

  2. Ahaha, I sense an addiction coming on! Have you tried Revlon’s Really Red matte lipstick? I hear it’s a good dupe for Russian Red.. I might try it after I’m fine with my current tube ( or more likely, just get it anyway) XD

    1. -_- yeah I just get all the red lipstick anyway regardless if I have something the same or similar! I’ll see if I can see it in stores in my area. Thanks for the heads up. ❤

  3. omg this shade is so amazing! it has been in my wish list forever!! will be picking this up next! great swatches! it looks amazing on you! ❤ big hugs ❤

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