Seche Rebuild and Seche Vite Review

Seche Rebuild and Seche Vite Review

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If you paint your nails you would be very much aware of the benefits of a base coat and top coat. There are so many out that vary in uses and in prices. I have tried quite a few and have come to settle on Seche Vite and Seche Rebuild. Seche Vite is a quick drying top coat and Seche Rebuild is a nail rebuild base coat. I thought it was about time that I shared a review of these two for you.Seche Rebuild and Seche Vite Bottles


For the last couple of months I have been using Seche Rebuild as my base coat. I have tried quite a few things over the last year to try and sort my nails out. Since becoming a nail polish blogger my nails have really taken a beaten. I haven’t been able to grow them very far without suffering severe splitting and staining. Nothing seemed to help for long or required me to stop using nail polish for six weeks, which never worked out. From some fellow polish addicts I found out about Seche rebuild and once it was back in stock at Head2Toe Beauty I ordered myself a bottle straight away.

I have not been disappointed! My nails still have a long way to go, but they are no longer stained despite still getting regularly brutalized by nail polish and nail polish remover. They have even managed to grow quite long even on my master hand which is usually the worst. They still split but I am able to grow the splits out instead of my nails just breaking. I have hopes that if I continue to use rebuild that eventually my nails will fully recover.

Rebuild can be used  under polish as well as by its self. It looks quite lovely on bare nails with two coats. It is milky so hides any remaining flaws in your nails and makes them super shiny. My mama who never puts on polish is keen for her own bottle. So it must be good.

If you have stressed out nails that wont grow I would highly recommend getting yourself a bottle of Seche Rebuild. I picked up my bottle from Head2Toe Beauty for $4.25 USD so it is an amazing price for an amazing product!

Now Seche Vite I have been using for a while as a quick dry top coat. Delly got me hooked on it and I haven’t looked back since I brought it. Three layers of polish dries within minutes with Seche Vite on top. Ten minutes later I’m even happy to hop in bed without worry of a pillow case manicure in the morning. I have even managed a flakie or glittery top coat as well as putting Seche Vite on top with it still drying pretty quick. Now when I talk about polish layers I’m talking standard to even thin coats, because you shouldn’t be smearing it on anyway and I don’t think three thick layers of polish could be dried by anything!

Besides drying polish pretty quick, it adds a nice shine to it too and I think it even extends the life of polish. One day I will have a normal job and a dish washer and my polish will actually be tested for wear properly XD ANYWAY Seche Vite does hold up well with how I brutalise my hands.

One thing about Seche Vite is if you’re going to buy it, buy two! You will go through it pretty quickly (if you change your polish more than once a week) and due to it being a quick dry top coat towards the end it will get a little gluggy. However Seche also offers Seche Restore which is a nail polish thinner which is specially designed to thin out Seche Vite, to help you use the last bit of the bottle while you wait for the next one in the post 😉

So if you’re looking for an excellent quick dry top coat which will allow you to go to bed or get out the door only minutes after applying polish then look no further than Seche Vite.

I hope my reviews give you something to think about.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

One thought on “Seche Rebuild and Seche Vite Review

  1. “pillowcase manicure!” Love it! 😀 I’m using S. Rebuild now, it really does seem to be helping, and my stains are going! I’m scared of S. Vite, but loving the Rebuild 😀

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