Essie Shine of the Times Swatches and Comparison to Color Club Snow-Flakes

Essie Shine of the Times Swatches and Comparison to Color Club Snow-Flakes

Good Evening!

Where do my days keeping disappearing to? This post has just been sitting in my draft box all week waiting to have words attached to it and only now have I forced myself to finish it!

Today’s post is about Essie‘s Shine of the Time from the Luxe effect collection. I picked this beauty up for $6.00 NZD from the local importer clearance sale. Usually you have to fork out $30 NZD for this one here in NZ, if you can find it. Today I’ve layered it over black, red and blue to show you what it looks like.


Essie SOTT vs CC SF

Essie SOTT over BT

Shine of the Times over Layla Softouch Noir Touch.Essie SOTT ove QB

Shine of the Times over Layla Softouch Queen BourdeauxEssie SOTT Over OPI EE

Shine of the Times over OPI Eurso Euro.
Essie SOTT Over OPI EE Swatch 2

When you move it about the flecks change colour. So far I’ve seen red, orange, yellow, blue and gold. I really think it looks the best over blue :3


So earlier I swatched Color Club’s Snow-Flakes which is a flakie colour change top coat and wondered how close it would be to Essie’s Shine of the Time. With the weather finally perked up some I thought it would be a great time to swatch them side by side.

Essie ssot vs cc sf one coat

Left to Right: Shine of the times, Snow-Flakes, Shine of the Times and Snow-Flakes. One Coat of each.

Sorry about my ring finger mushing onto my pinkie by the time I noticed my one good photo was a dud the sun was already down :/ . Anyway by the first photo you can see the Shine of the time has a lot more flakies per layer. The flakes look the same to my eye, there just happens to be more of them in Shine of the times.Essie SOTT VS SF

Left to Right: Shine of the times, Snow-Flakes and Shine of the Times. Two coats of each.

With two coats shine of the times becomes really heavy going, I don’t think I would wear it with two coats. Snow-Flakes however with two coats looks just like one layer of shine of the times, which is how I prefer to wear it, so that it doesn’t look like flakie puke XD

From playing around with the two flakie top coats I’ve come to the conclusion that they are both exactly the same besides the amount of flakies in them. Neither one dried faster than the other or chipped quicker (I mean they’re clear so how can you tell?). Color Club for some reason was easier to get off, but not by heaps, because flakies are just always going to be a butt. Essie shine of the time is more expensive here in New Zealand, but you can not buy Color Club in store here (only online). Really its just up to which one you prefer.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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