Ninja Polish Ambrosia

Ninja Polish Ambrosia

Good Evening Sweeties!

How have you all been? I have been hiding away from the stormy weather with Mr Gabby watching movies and playing video games. So far I have seen Olympus has Fallen, Oblivion and Iron Man 3. All very good movies. There was some sun today so I managed to swatch one of the polishes I have been hanging out to share with you. I enjoy the cold weather, but hate how I can’t swatch as much 😦

Anyway today’s polish is Ninja Polish‘s Ambrosia from the Enigma collection.NP Ambrosia Bottle Shot


Ninja Polish bottles remind me so much of OPI bottles, but they are just different enough to be their own. I like them :3
NP Ambrosia Bottle Close

Close up!! Squeeee!!NP Ambrosia Swatch No Sun

The base colour of Ambrosia is a orangey almost pinkey red that is sorta jelly like. I don’t even know how to describe this one. It does need three coats to make it nice and opaque, but it dries nice and fast and doesn’t chip for a good day or two.NP Ambrosia Swatch Close NL

When you start to move your nails you see that this isn’t one block colour there is actually some sexy shimmer to it and even a little colour change. Rawr! Love it!NP Ambrosia Swatch Sun 2

Then you get it in some sunlight and it catches fire :3NP Ambrosia Swatch Sun


Besides the colour and shimmer, this polish has a very nice formula. It goes on very well and comes off well too. No staining as I can see. Just a fantastic all round polish :3

NP Ambrosia Swatch Sun CloseSo ahhh you might have noticed that I love Ambrosia. When I was oggling the Enigma collection I thought it would be Divinity which I would prefer, but I think Ambrosia might just beat it to it.  Its bright, its shimmery and has a beautiful change which catches people’s attention. I’m very glad I grabbed it.

Hopefully I can get Divinity swatched in the next bout of sunshine for you and share it with you. I’m sure I’ll be spazzing over that too XD

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree


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