OPI Jinx

OPI Jinx

Good Afternoon!

How has your week been? My has been busy; I flew down south to watch Mr Gabby’s graduation parade and after that we have done nothing but watch movies and go shopping all weekend. It was awesome!

So my post today is all about Jinx from the OPI‘s Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection. Usually I do not do textured polish and I had been a bit meh about OPI’s previous liquid sands. However when I was out with Mr Gabby he thought the colour was pretty bad ass, now when Mr Gabby likes a polish I don’t argue and I just buy it. And I’m really glad I did, because Jinx is gorgeous!

Have a look at the photos (there is a few of them cause Jinx can be hard to get photos of) and I’m sure you’ll need it too!

OPI Jinx Full Bottle

Squeeee!! I’m so glad they have marked all their liquid sands caps so that I know what is what in my collection.OPI Jinx Bottle CloseI love how gorgeous this looks in the bottle and unlike some polishes it looks just as good out of the bottle too!

All swatch photos are two layers of polish.

OPI Jinx Close

Before today I had never worn a liquid sand polish. It goes on all smooth and dries matte with the sandy texture. Its odd to watch and at first takes a little bit to get used to the texture.OPI Jinx Swatch

It actually dries super duper quick and is ready for a second coat almost straight away. You can wear it without a second coat because it looks cool with one coat too :3OPI Jinx Swatch 2

The second coat goes on nice and easy over the dried textured layer and dries just as quick.
OPI Jinx Sun

Two layers out in the sunlight. Super duper sparkly! I keep looking at my nails, they look so cool.OPI Jinx Top Coat Close

Jinx with two coats of Seche Vite over top. If you don’t feel like having the matte glitter look all the time you can put some top coat over the top to get a super duper glossy look. It also calms down the texture as well. You do need two coats though because it soaks up the first layer .
OPI Jinx Top CoastIsn’t that colour just fantastic?

The polish isn’t any harder than some glitter polishes to get off, just hold your polish remover on for a bit longer and it melts away 😉

So the verdict? I love Jinx! The whole liquid sands thing isn’t as weird as I thought and actually looks pretty awesome on your nails. I have ordered myself more of the OPI Bond Girl collection to see how those pretties turn out. I would highly recommend adding this polish to your collection.

Thanks Mr Gabby for the polish recommendation ❤

Have a good week!

❤ MaSucree

4 thoughts on “OPI Jinx

  1. Very pretty shade. I’ve never tried textured polish, but I feel like it would be impossible to get off your nails when the time came. Lots of scrubbing, I suppose.

    1. I just took it off and it was harder than just standard creme polish, but not the worst I’ve had to take off. I would just leave the polish remover soaked cotton wool on your nail for a little bit longer. No staining which is amazing 😉

      1. That’s true I guess. I tend to get very frustrated with removing nail polish. lol. I have no idea why because I am usually a patient person, but something about scrubbing off nail polish is just horrendous for me.

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