Layla Softouch 03, 07 and 12

Layla Softouch 03, 07 and 12

Good Morning!

Time for some of that polish I promised. Yesterday I showed you my nails of the day which featured Layla‘s Noir Touch, well here is the full swatch of Noir Touch and the other two softouches I purchased; Stone and Queen Bourdeaux.

Layla Softouch Bottles

Left to Right: Stone, Queen Bourdeaux and Noir Touch.

I think the bottles are very cool and are of a reasonable size, 10ml.

Layla 03 Swatch

Stone: A purply grey that I think looks lovely, but I don’t think that it is a MaSucree colour so Delly got it instead :3

Layla 03 Close

I love how they look shiny, but not 🙂Layla 07 Swatch

Queen Bourdeaux: is fantastic! I love this red!!Layla 07 Close

Dark red polish makes me happy and I never thought I would love matteish red polish too.Layla 12 Swatch

Noir Touch: I don’t usually like wearing black polish but this matte or “softouch’ finish has made me full in love with this polish.Layla 12 Close

All three go on pretty much as one coaters, but I always like to put another coat on top. When I stamp with these I usually make a sandwich of two coats, then seche and then another coat on top. They go on shiny and then dry super quick to become matte/softouch.

Layla has some very awesome colours in the softouch collection. I am eyeing up the greens and blues. If you have a few spare dollars I would recommend getting some. I got mine from a sale on NZSale, but you can also get them from Ninja Polish as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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