MAC Lipstick in Ronnie Red

MAC Lipstick in Ronnie Red

Good Evening!

So earlier I bragged about getting my first lot of M.A.C. cosmetics. So now that I have taken them for a bit of a test run I thought I would share some swatches and a review with you. Tonight’s post is all about Ronnie Red, my latest red lipstick purchase.

Ronnie Red comes from M.A.C.’s latest collection Archie’s Girls. For those of you who aren’t aware, Archie is a comic series about a poor young who has two gorgeous romantic interests; Betty and Veronica. The collection is split between the two ladies, Betty’s being light, pink and girlies and Veronica’s being darker, vampy, purples and reds…So you know already who my favourite is XD

Anyway take a look at Ronnie Red and you’ll understand.

MAC Ronnie Box

I love the box as well as the case of the lipstick, I’ll be keeping them all together.MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick Close Up

Veronica is sooooo cool. I always loved her hair and clothes.MAC Ronnie Red Up Close

Squeee so red!!MAC Ronnie Red Lip Swatch

I look at this colour and sometimes I swear I see a lil pink!

MAC Ronnie Red Lip Swatch 2So no sooner did I get this lipstick on was I in love with it. I used a lipliner because I knew it would be pigmented and I’m glad I did. It goes on so smoothly and once its set it does not budge. Sure you get a little lipstick on your mug and even your hands if you touch your lips, but there is still enough on your lips that you can’t even tell. I put it on 8am in the morning and didn’t have to touch up till 5pm even after lunch and coffee breaks. The only reason I did was because I thought I better.

Besides looking amazing, going on like a dream and staying there all day long, it kept my lips hydrated. Sometimes after wearing lipstick all day long my lips start to look a little dry, nope not at all with this baby on.

The price made me gasp a little, M.A.C.s it not cheap here in NZ, but gosh I’m going back to see what else M.A.C. has! For what you pay you get one hell of a product!

I am tempted to scout around ebay and trademe to find myself a back up of this lipstick (sadly its Limited Edition), but I love the colour and quality so much. If you have a Ronnie Red good on you for grabbing it, if you’re standing at a counter with one left YOU GET IT NOW!! and if you don’t like it send it to me!!!

Ronnie Red is one hell of a lipstick!

❤ MaSucree


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