I Have MAC Cosmetics!!!

I Have MAC Cosmetics!!!

Good Evening!



I’ve never brought MAC cosmetics before, but when they advertised their up and coming Archie’s Girls Collection I knew I had to get something. Then I saw the lipstick called Ronnie Red and I my red lippie fangirl cried a little. I wanted this lipstick so much I pretty much ran to the second store in Auckland CBD at the opposite end from my work to get it, because the first one was sold out. The sales lady was so amazing I walked out with an eyeliner too.

I haven’t swatched either of them yet, but I just had to share them (and brag a little).

MAC Black Swan Box

M.A.C.’s Pearlglide intense eyeliner in Black Swan.
MAC Black Swan Close Up

I will be keeping these in their boxes because the boxes are just as cute.MAC Black Swan Eyeliner Up Close

Its slightly glittery!!MAC Ronnie Box

I’m a Veronica girl, would you peg me for anything else? ehe!MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick Close Up

Love the packaging, I’m so glad I made the extra trip to find it.MAC Ronnie Red Up Close

Sooooo red. Squee!

There is more of the Archie’s Collection that I wish I got before it sold out, but I’m super glad I picked up these two. They have also made me more interested in trying out some of the other M.A.C. products.

So I’m going to go oggle at my M.A.C. Archie products some more and I’ll get some swatches for you.

❤ MaSucree

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