Color Club Revvvolution

Color Club Revvvolution

Good Morning!

Polish again this morning. This one is the other Color Club semi holo polish that I picked up in my last Head2Toe order.

For a while Color Club didn’t have any true holos, but had semi holos that where ever I looked on the Internet people gushed about. Now they do have full holos, which I will slowly be getting my hands on to give a spin, but for now I am exploring their selection of semi holos. So you know that I already adore Love em Leave em, let’s find out about Revvvolution.

CC Revvvolution Bottle

In the bottle and in some sunshine you can see all the different holo colours, but I felt like I had to stand just the right way in order to get the holo to shine.CC Revvvolution Swatch 2

I do like this polish none the less it is a interesting spin on a black/grey polish. It gives your polish a textured almost sandy look, but without the actual bumpiness.CC Revvvolution SwatchSo despite this polish not being as sparkly as I had seen it in other posts I still enjoyed its level of shiny. I’m not a super glittery person anyway so I find the semi holo polishes suit me better. I do however have Color Club’s new full super duper holo black ‘Beyond’ on its way from Head2Toe. I will see how I feel about it and maybe even do a comparison post.

So if you like holos or not at all this is a nice in between one. Not too shiny and not too boring. Perfect for those days when you just want something on your nails.

Have a good day!

❤ MaSucree

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