Color Club Love em Leave em

Color Club Love em Leave em

Good Morning!

I have polish for you today. Not just any kind of polish…a nude polish. Don’t fall over! Not only is this a nude polish it is THE most perfect nude polish for me! I don’t do nude (as some of you who fell over might have remembered), so to find one that I am happy to wear all the time is a feat in its self. Delly has this one and makes it look amazing, so on a whim I popped in the cart as we were doing out Head2Toe order. Now I am super happy that I did :3

So here are my photos of my new fave nude polish.

CC Love em Leave em Bottle

The bottle had a lil polish on it when I got so excuse the smudge.
CC Love em Leave em Swatch 2

Out of direct sunlight this just looks like a nice sandy or almost shimmery nude polish, but wait till you get in the light!CC Love em Leave em SwatchWith a bit of sunlight.

CC Love em Leave em Swatch 3With a lot more sunshine. You can see the holo in it when the sun hits it. Its not as full on as holo polish, but I love how subtle it is :3

So usually what happens when I buy new polish is it goes on my nails for a few trips to work and swatching, then the poor thing gets lost in my draws until I find it a few months later. This polish however has featured three times already at work and has been swatched for this post and my snow flakes one. HA! That shows you how much I love it already.

So if you’re like me and don’t do nudes much I would highly recommend checking this one out :3

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree



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