MUA Lipstick Swatches

MUA Lipstick Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

Before we get started I wish to tell you that my week included me getting stuck in the lift at work. That is all!

So I got to it  this weekend, when I had Del over we watched Supernatural and swatched at the same time. Delindel was lovely enough to take some lipstick photos for me, my new camera can make lippy photos a bit hard due to it being so heavy XD Thank you Del!! She also let me swatch her new lipsticks, since she happened to get all the shades I didn’t. We decided to stop taking photos after the second lipsticks as I looked like a little like a 90’s hooker >< This is why they are Delly’s and not mine XD

As I was swatching  I discovered that my camera was so super duper it was picking up all the dry skin on my lips. So today in my swatches you only get my four favourite shades of my new lipsticks because they are the most pigmented and just happen to be the photos my lips looked half descent.

Onwards to photos!

08-02-2013 MUA Order

So this is my first MUA order from the big 50% I say first and what I mean is the first of two orders I put through during the 50% off sale XD08-02-2013 MUA Lipstick Cases

I really like the cases of the MUA lipsticks. Simple, sturdy and somewhat chic. I only paid $1.00 NZD usually $2.00 NZD, but it doesn’t look like I did :3 They have also survived a few trips in my handbag which again is a feat in its self.08-02-2013 MUA Lipstick

Left to Right: Shade 8, 13,1, 7,3 and 12

MUA Lipsticks ALL Swatches

Left to Right: Shade 8, 13,1,3,12,7

Even though I didn’t lip swatch them all for you I still swatched them on my arm just so you can see :3

MUA Lipstick Shade Three

Shade Three: Its pink! 😮 Are you shocked? So am I! Now I just have to find something to wear it with.
MUA Lipstick Shade Eight

Shade Eight: The lipstick itself made me little suspicious cause it was gritty and had shimmery things it. But boy does it look foxy on. Mua Lipstick Shade Thirteen

Shade Thirteen: A nice bright true red. Here is looks a little orange, but I think that’s more what my skin does to it in photos. One of my most favourites from my MUA collection.MUA Lipstick Shade One

Shade One: Last but not least, my ultimate favourite. This deep almost winey red. Full on pigment! Boy does it go all over my coffee mug, but despite that the colour stays true even more than my red NYXs.

MUA has really impressed me so far, I like their lipsticks and I really am enjoying trying out their products (because I have enough XD). I can’t wait till I get my next package of goodies to give a spin.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

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