Color Club Snow-Flakes

Color Club Snow-Flakes

Good Evening!

Where have I been this week? Everywhere it feels and there may have been a little sulking in there too ;). Only some of my parcels have arrived and I am a little sick of stalking the poor post man.  I did get my Head2Toe order though which has three Color Clubs and Seche Vite, Restore and Plus.

So earlier I stated that I don’t do glitter or layering. I think I might have to recall that statement as I have found something glittery that can be layered that I love XD Color Club’s Snow Flakes is my new favourite glittery thing. I think it is called a flakie top coat, but I like it!

So take a look at my swatches of snowflakes!

CC Snowflakes Bottle CloseupCC Snowflakes Swatches

From some angles while by itself Snow FlakesCC Snowflakes Swatch 2

You can see all the colour changes in this photo (sorry about the stained nails).
CC Snowflakes over Love em Leave em

Snow Flakes over Color Club Love em Leave em.
CC Snowflakes over Revvvolution

Snow Flakes over Color Club Revvvolution.

Isn’t it awesome? I can’t wait to keep playing with it :3 What I love most is the fact that it is a clear base and can go with any polish in my collection 🙂 The colour changes and flakie size also makes it among my fave top coat, I don’t have many so they have to pretty cool to catch my eye. The Color Club low prices also make me happy.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to start sharing some of my MUA haul with you soon.

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

9 thoughts on “Color Club Snow-Flakes

  1. LOVE this, it’s soooo pretty! Must talk to you about getting me a bottle next time you put in an order with these guys. Your delivery fee will be paid in cookies (in moderation :-P) and warm arms (to be taken either as hugs or just a place to warm up your undead hands).

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